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One of these innovations could help you wake up to a new life

As sleep disorder specialists, the team at Oventus is well aware of the huge number of Americans suffering from disordered sleep, especially from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In 2013, we started working with the CSIRO to create a new, easy-to-use and effective sleep apnea treatment. The result was the O2VentTM, a custom mouthguard that is helping Americans stop snoring and overcome or reduce the effects of sleep apnea. The innovative Oventus sleep apnea treatment platform currently includes the following two oral appliance options that incorporate the Oventus Airway Technology or ‘second nose’. These custom mouthguards provide a unique alternative for snorers and sufferers of mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea, especially those who cannot tolerate CPAP. Your Oventus dentist will recommend an oral device to best suit your needs.

OSA is a serious condition so speak to your healthcare professional for a diagnosis and to discuss if an oral device could help you.

O2VentTM W

The latest device in the range. The ‘W’ is a slimline winged-style device that uses a dual mechanism to stabilize the jaw and move it forward without locking the upper and lower jaw together.

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O2VentTM T

The ‘T’ device connects at the front before you insert into your mouth. You can titrate your lower jaw forward to a comfortable range that further opens your airway.

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Is one of these devices the solution for you?

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